Your special day is one you want to remember; luxury wedding venues can make your day memorable for not only you, but also your guests.

Why Choose Luxury Wedding Venues?

Luxury wedding venues often throw in a lot of cool freebies when you pay to hire them out for the day. This can make your wedding day unique and impress your guests. For example, a lot of luxury wedding venues offer you and your guests a free all-access pass to their spa and treatments and much more.

A luxury wedding venue will make your wedding day unforgettable. Experience the life of a celebrity with some of the most beautiful wedding venues around the world. Some of the biggest A-list celebrities have had their weddings in simple locations across the world, of course, it comes at an expense, but you can wed at the same location as your favourite celebrity in some cases. Most luxury wedding venues aim to replicate the traditional fairytale theme weddings, but others take their own modernised twist on marriages. So if you’re getting married soon and need some inspiration on a venue for your special day, keep reading! We’ve listed some of the biggest, best and most beautiful wedding venues located all across the world.

Musha Cay – Bahamas

Musha Cay in the Bahamas is one of the most tranquil and secluded islands on the planet. As one of the most sought-after wedding destinations in the world, it’s no shock that to hire out Musha Cay for a 5-day break including the wedding ceremony costs a hefty £260,000.

Musha Cay is an utterly secluded island that when hired out is only inhabited by you and the guests of your choice. On average it can inhabit up to a small 24 guests – so if hosting a wedding here, it’s essential to choose a tight-knit guest list. David Copperfield has included some incredible freebies when you hire out Musha Cay. You have access to almost all of their ammenities free of charge and will receive full access at all times to speed boats, paddle boats, tennis courts and spa. As an almost untouched island rare tropical flowers and wildlife also inhabit the island, you can explore deeper by travelling to the neighbouring isles via speedboat. One of the most common reasons that people hire out Musha Cay is as the minimum stay is 5 days, meaning you can make a holiday or honeymoon experience after your wedding ceremony with the utmost amount of privacy.

musha cay islands
Image Credits: Musha Cay Website

Laucala Island Resort – Fiji

This Island Resort spans out over a remarkable 4.5km with a total of 25 villas. Just like Musha Cay, when hiring Laucala Island Resort, you receive unlimited, free access to their fleet of 14 boats – no need for chauffeur services Aylesbury! Making entertainment options endless, have your friends and family join you for countless hours of fun watersports in the oceans of Fiji. As well as this you will receive access to the traditional Fiji spa, full of traditional relaxation treatments and more.

If you are thinking of hiring out this luxury wedding destination, you will be able to invite an impressive flock of 80 guests to join you on your big day. Of course for a fee of £150,000.

One & Only Reethi Rah Resort – Maldives

Another stunning island to give you the beach wedding of your dreams. A vast 109-acre island surround by the beautiful Indian Ocean, this resort is the perfect destination for any wedding. With a total of 128 private villas, your guest list can be endless, with a high limit on how many friends and family you can invite.

This resort comes along with a private pool in each and every home for you and your guests. As well as this you will be able to taste some of the finest dining in the world, with access to a personalised menu with private dining areas for you and your guests. After your exquisite meal, explore the island and enjoy free traditional music and spa and beauty treatments for you and your partner. All for £7000 a night!

Reethi Rah Resort in maldives woman on beach
Image Credits: Reethi Rah Resort Website

Little Palm Island – Key West, Florida

Choose Little Palm Island for the utmost of privacy – not to mention the beautiful scenery to complete your wedding photos! Just like some of the other island we have mentioned in this article, Little Palm Island is entirely secluded from the rest of the public and only accessible via seaplane or ferry.

It is used and can accommodate both your wedding ceremony, as well as your wedding reception! If you aren’t sure whether you want a beach wedding, Little Palm Island offers you a variety of backdrops for you to tie the knot! Choose from a white sandy beach setting, or wed at sunset dock or at the actual resort itself. All of the homes on Little Palm Island are state of the art, modernised bungalows with their own dedicated balcony. As well as this they come with outdoor showers, a private jacuzzi, complete with stunning ocean views. Take up to 60 guests for £175,000

Tribeca Rooftop – Manhattan

Tribeca Rooftop has been home to many extravagant events and celebrity weddings. Would you enjoy tying the knot on a rooftop in central NY with a 360 degrees view of bustling New York around you? If the answer is yes, Tribeca Rooftop is your ideal venue!

Although the Tribeca building is only 12 floors in total, it gives a lot of height and offers unforgettable sights of New York. If you are aiming for a more modernised wedding venue rather than a traditional fairytale wedding, you can make your wedding one to remember with this stunning luxury venue. Tribeca Rooftop is most known for their fantastic catering service, and delicious, unique menu to tingle your guests’ taste buds.

Tribeca rooftop wedding
Image Credits: Tribeca Rooftop Website

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