No matter the occasion, when planning and holding a VIP event it’s crucial that you plan in depth and prepare things to ensure the success of your event.

Why Host A VIP Event?

Whether you are a big brand, a small company or you are hosting a charity event, VIP events can help get your brand name out there or raise awareness for a specific organisation or cause.

A lot of big brands and businesses pay VIP guests or a celebrity to make an appearance to spread the word of their business and services. They either do this by paid sponsorships or paid events such as gala’s, dinners or parties. Alternatively, charities typically host gala’s or award ceremonies to create speculation and raise awareness for a specific charity. More often than not VIP guests will not charge for charitable appearances and will aid in raising awareness for a good cause. No matter the reason, if you want to host a VIP event and have no event planning experience or have only come into contact with smaller scale events, not to worry. We’ve devised a list of top tips to ensure that you host a successful VIP event for an affordable price. So keep reading!

Plan Your Entrances And Exits

Dependant on the reasoning for your event you may want to make your VIP guests entrance more prominent, or secret like a surprise.

Either way, it’s essential to plan entrance and exit rooms, so there are no mistakes or complications when your guest arrives. If it’s a red carpet entrance you are after, then we recommend decorating the entrance with a red carpet and barriers to make it prominent this is the entrance. As well as this it looks good in photos and will make your guest feel valued.

Don’t forget to organise pick up and drop off points, try to drop your guest as close to the event venue as possible to avoid the complications of not being able to find the event or making them late.

Organise Catering

Every event even those that aren’t of a large scale should provide guests with food or snacks to keep them energised. Look at the event you are holding, is there a theme? If so then organise a menu or buffet that provides food to match the theme. For example, if you’re hosting a fun, quirky event then try and arrange food vans that offer niche food, like an ice cream stall that supplies unique ice cream favours.

If you’re holding a black-tie event, provide your guests with a classy sit-down meal, or canapĂ©’s they can pick from. For a more relaxed socialising event maybe organise something hot like street food or hot food stalls.

chocolate dipped strawberries

Organise Security

Every event requires an adequate amount of security. As well as this, catering staff, onsite first aiders and general staff to help guests with any queries. Without a sufficient amount of staff, you can get yourself into trouble in the unfortunate event of casualties or mishaps.

Take a look at Showsec and read into their event security services for more information. They provide on site security for a variety of different events.

Organise Transport

How are you arriving to the event? As well as this how is your guest arriving to your event? If you have the budget and want to impress your guests then why not organise chauffeur services Aylesbury, so that your guests can arrive in style in a selection of our luxury vehicles.

Choose from a selection of 11 prestige vehicles available for hire with a chauffeur at no added cost. Providing your VIP guest with transport is a show of your gratitude and eliminates the issue of vehicle breakdowns or delays to your guest’s appearance.

chauffeur opening door


The most important part of any event is the entertainment. Without any entertainment, your guests will become bored of your event and either leave or not leave positive feedback. An exhilarating or interesting performance to wow your guests is exactly what you need.

Although it doesn’t have to be anything flashy, just something to keep your guests interested or something that they can interact with and feel a part of. If you want to get, your guests’ pulses racing why not hire a firebreather or acrobat to bring the tension to a high. Or for interesting displays of mind-boggling performances hire something like a magician or illusionist to blow your guest’s mind. Whichever entertainment option you choose, make sure it’s suited to your event theme and will provide your guests with entertainment to go home and tell the family about.

Plan Accommodation

This only applies to events on a very large scale. Specific locations and venues are a long journey for some of your guests, especially if they are international guests flying in to attend.

In this case, then you may want to take it upon yourself to organise some form of accommodation so that your guest doesn’t have to. This also doesn’t have to be anything flashy – unless you want it to be. There are hundreds of bed and breakfasts around the UK that are more than suitable for a simple one night stay. Or if you really want to pull it out of the bag and you have the budget, why not book your VIP guest a luxury hotel to complete their stay. The Dorchester Hotel in London is one of the best and is renown for catering to VIP guests daily.

As long as your guest knows that you have taken the time and effort to provide them with a place to stay off of your own back, the favour will be greatly appreciated. Just be sure to read the reviews first!

luxury hotel lobby

Start Planning Your VIP Event

Now that you’ve read through our top tips for hosting a VIP event, it’s time to start the planning process and invite your guests.

Remember that if your event has a specific cause or theme, stick to it and go off track when deciding decor options and catering. For any other car hire services or wedding car hire Buckingham then contact us today so that a member of our team can provide you with more information.

We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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