When planning your wedding you want to choose a destination that suits both you and your partner down to a tee. Whether that be hot wedding destinations, exciting adventure locations, or somewhere slightly cooler.

Why Choose Hot Wedding Destinations?

Most couples choose a warmer climate for their wedding as it almost guarantees good weather conditions for their big day. Although it doesn’t ruin the significance of a wedding ceremony, rain, thunderstorms or strong winds often put pressure on weddings and can dampen the mood slightly – especially somewhere like the UK where these weather conditions are prevalent.

For this reason, a lot of the time couples choose to retreat to a warmer destination that can ensure beautiful weather on their wedding day. As well as this, some people use their wedding destination as an opportunity for a short break. Although it’s unlikely for a couple to holiday straight after their wedding destination, they use this opportunity to spend time with their friends and family in a nicer location than home and perhaps spend a couple of extra days out there than usual.

So if you’re thinking of holding your wedding at a hot destination abroad, we’ve come up with some of the most beautiful and romantic hot wedding destinations to make your wedding day one never to forget. So keep reading!


Aruba is a beautiful island located in the warmer waters of the southern Caribbean. One of the fantastic benefits of Aruba is although it is a gorgeous tropical island, it’s located just outside the hurricane belt, meaning that the waters are smooth all years round and you can’t fall victim to a vicious hurricane.

With white powdery sand, Aruba’s beaches are famous and have been the backdrop of plenty of romance films. Marry on top of a hilltop chapel or say your I do’s on the white sandy beaches with a romantic sunset backdrop. Aruba is one of the best wedding destinations and brings the gorgeous weather with it. And they know how to party, with plenty of party bus services and fantastic nightlife you can dance the night away on your big day in one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands around.

tourists boats in Aruban sea


Not only a popular holiday destination, Spain has plenty of romantic locations that can make your wedding day special. A lot of people choose Spain as their wedding destination as it’s practical and affordable, as well as the fact it brings sun, beautiful scenery and delicious food along with it.

Spain is famous for its food and drinks, enjoy hand prepared paella from authentic chefs, and wash it down with a glass of fresh sangria at your wedding after party. And if you’re staying for a couple of days, take a wander down to the smaller villages and discover the vast history behind Spain. The locals are friendly and will be more than happy to give you recommendations or educate you on Spanish history. And if anyone knows how to party it’s the Spanish, sangria, red wine and tapas are their specialities, and the nightlife is just incredible. Want to bring the Spanish theme to your own wedding? Check out these fantastic sangria recipes.


One of the most beautiful islands around, located in the French Polynesia Tahiti is with other famous honeymooning destinations such as Fiji, Bora Bora and more. With peculiar black sand beaches, Tahiti is different from most of you white sand luxury holiday locations.

Complete with a variety of crystal clear beaches, lagoons, extinct volcanoes and show-stopping waterfalls there’s plenty to explore on the beautiful island Tahiti. Say your vows in front of a gushing waterfall or declare your love with your toes in the black sands of Tahiti’s most gorgeous beaches. If holding your wedding in a location like this, transport can be expensive so be sure to book wedding car hire Bedford. A magnificent feature that comes alongside these beautiful settings is the wildlife, watch sharks and rays peacefully swim by from the comfort of your boat or from ashore. These beautiful animals are common in this destination, and the locals are very experienced in up close and personal encounters. If you fall in love with Tahiti, they have plenty of honeymoon packages for you and your partner to continue the fun on the island of love.

Tahiti resort in the sea


Although you may not consider Africa as one of your first choices of location for your wedding, it can be a fantastic experience and bring a form of fun and adventure to your special day. Africa is commonly known for adventures and expeditions by explorers, why not bring this element to your wedding?

Africa is a unique destination for a wedding; although not uncommon it brings an element of fun and excitement for your big day, as well as the fact that if you want to stay on with your other half, there is so much to do! Say your vows in front of nature with the company of wild animals and in the company of giraffes and elephants. Have your wedding photos in front of some of the worlds most amazing backdrops in the scenery of the African plains, or have your wedding photos on the back of an elephant for a unique twist to your typical wedding day.

Not only is all of the modern luxury incredible in Africa, but the locals also have plenty to offer. With authentic rituals and prayers, they are more than happy to greet and converse with tourists. African locals take great pride in their land and love explaining the history and heritage of themselves and their family.


And what would a list of the best hot holiday destinations be without Hawaii? Also known for its beautiful scenery and landscapes, Hawai is a well know wedding destination. Once again the locals are incredibly welcoming and will offer freebies to those honeymooning or there for their wedding ceremony. Hold your wedding in a local hotspot, or even on the gorgeous sandy beaches of Honolulu.

If you do have your wedding in Hawaii, we have to recommend trying some of the local’s food and taking lessons from the famous grass skirt hula ladies. End your day with a few hours of whale spotting and star-gazing in the beautiful landscapes of Hawaii.

seats and palm trees on Hawaiian beach

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