After the pressure of constant revision and exam stress, it’s always nice to get the chance to let your hair down and celebrate your hard work with your closest friends. Whether you are in school or university, your annual summer ball is always an eagerly awaited event, and planning seems to commence earlier each year to ensure you find the perfect outfit and enjoy a stress-free evening!

Summer Ball Checklist

No matter the event or celebration, it is always guaranteed that you will be faced with a long list of ‘to-dos’ to remember to tick off on the lead up to your summer ball. Of course, the most important factor is to have fun, so for a smooth-running lead-up and an even better evening, take a look at our preparation checklist!

Set A Budget

First things first, set a budget and stick to it. No matter how strict with money you are on yourself, it can be incredibly easy to overspend without realising. Be realistic with prices, it is likely that you will be able to track down your dream outfit for a cost-effective price, but factors such as hotels or transport will be considerably trickier to find at a low price. Start by noting down everything that you want for your summer ball from beauty appointments to accommodation and how much you are prepared to pay for each expense. If this results in a total a little over your budget, then you may have to sacrifice a few things, for example, could you realistically do your own hair? Or could you downgrade to a cheaper hotel?

Always keep track of every expense, as well as leave some spare cash in the case of an emergency.

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Buy Your Ticket

As obvious as it sounds, in the hustle and bustle of summer ball prepping, it can be easy to forget the basics. You never know how quickly tickets may sell out, even if in previous years this wasn’t as much of an issue. It would be a shame if all of your friends manage to secure themselves a ticket and you miss out on a purchase because you didn’t get there quick enough.

Once you’ve got your ticket in the bag, keep it in a secure place, where you know it won’t get lost or damage. Don’t leave it in your pocket and then throw your clothes into the washing machine, sounds stupid, but it happens a lot more than you’d expect!


Particularly if you are attending a university summer ball, it is unlikely you will be close to home meaning accommodation will need to be arranged. Before making a reservation, research a few different options taking into consideration their distance from the venue. A hotel or B&B miles from your summer ball will result in a host of extra expenses spent on transport, not to mention the hassle you will face at the end of the evening trying to get yourself back to your accommodation. We are no stranger to the difficulties of trying to book taxis, catch buses or trains late at night.

During the summer is one of the busiest periods of the year for hotels and B&B’s, so you must make reservations in advance to avoid limited choices. Along with high demand comes a dramatic increase in price, so again, make your bookings early to catch prices before they peak. Booking through Airbnb is a popular choice for accommodation at a low price.

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Arrange Your Outfit

Does your summer ball have a theme? Do you need to track down a fancy dress outfit? Or is it a simple black tie event? There is nothing worse than the sudden panic just weeks before an event trying to track down the perfect outfit, and this applies to both men and women. Start your search early and give yourself many different options, even more so if your summer ball has a specific theme. Step out of your comfort zone and have an open mind to styles, you may surprise yourself!

Finding your outfit in advance will also work towards your advantage if any alterations are required. Similarly to accommodation, tailors are in high demand over the summer due to proms, summer balls and the popularity of summer weddings, so you need to get your slot early.

Beauty Preparations

Makeup artists, hair stylists and beauty salons Milton Keynes have very limited availability in the summer when there are a whole host of different events taking place. If you are planning to make a booking with a professional to do your makeup or hair on the day, always be sure to make an additional reservation for a trail a few weeks prior to your summer ball. Without a trail, you cannot be sure that their work to be to your standard and they have the ability to create the look you want. If you are not happy with your trail, you then have extra time to look elsewhere.

Always carefully plan out your appointment timings, for example, bookings for treatments such as eyelash extensions or nails will be best suited to the day before, so they are fresh for the day. However other reservations such as spray tans may be better suited for a few days before your summer ball to allow the tan to settle.

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Research is critical when it comes to transport planning, similarly to many other businesses; prices may be increased due to demand. Always arrange in advance who you plan to take transport with, what location you will be picked up from and at what time. With organised preparations, your day will go seamlessly without any last minute mishaps.

If you want to arrive in style, why not consider booking a chauffeur driven luxury car to take you to your summer ball. This will require a deposit and a more costly fee, so opt for travelling with people you trust and feel reassured will not drop out last minute.

The Essential Summer Ball Preparation List

Following the key factors in our checklist will guarantee a smooth-running day that you can enjoy without the worry of any last minute emergencies. Start your planning and preparations in advance to avoid any disappointments and keep in contact with all businesses you make reservations with to ensure that no issues occur!

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