On your big day, you want everything to be perfect, including the wedding photos that your photographer captures. Although wedding photos can vary and you might want some wedding photography ideas to make your wedding photos memorable.

Why Use Wedding Photography Ideas?

These images are going to be some of the key memorabilia that you bring back form your big day. Therefore you are going to want to make sure that they’re absolutely perfect, as you and your family are going to look through these forever.

There are different wedding photo styles and themes; these can be matched to the theme of wedding you are having. But if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to want to have wedding photos that stand out from the crowd and make your wedding day memorable forever.

So in order for that, you need to think of some out of the ordinary, unique wedding photo ideas. But you might not have the time to do this yourself, which is why we have devised a list of some of the best wedding photography ideas to help you and your partner find the perfect pose for your big day – so keep reading!

The First Look At The Bride Photo

One of the most emotional parts of the day. It’s a superstition that it is bad luck for a groom to the bride before the big day. So when the groom finally sees his bride walk down the aisle, it can be an extremely emotional time, as well as capturing the reaction of some of your closest family members.

You can choose this photograph shot to how you wish, either have your photographer stand at the back of the room and have a shot that captures the entire wedding parties reaction when the bride walks into the room. Or you can have your photographer up close and personal and capture the raw emotion of the groom as the bride enters. Either way both of these photos are a great image to cherish for years to come.

Getting Ready Photos

And of course, you have to include the getting ready process for both the bride and groom, this way you can reminisce about the preparation process for your wedding day. Be sure to catch every important detail of the bride getting her hair and makeup done, and the groom having his bowtie tightened and prepping his hair.

groom tightening bow tie

Let Nature Do The Talking

If you and your partner love the outdoors then why not incorporate it into your wedding photos? It’s quite uncommon for and outdoor or woodland setting to be chosen on as a wedding photo theme, so why not be the first if it’s what you enjoy?

Have portraits of you and your partner taken in front of large moss covered oak trees or woodland settings. The greenery and sunshine work fantastic at making you and your partner stand out.

Pictures With Your Chosen Form Of Transport

Whether you want a traditional theme or want to arrive in style on your wedding day, having a photo taken with your wedding car hire Aylesbury looks fantastic – especially if your vehicle matches the theme of your wedding! Not chosen your wedding car yet? Take a look at this article to help you find the best wedding car for you.

bride exiting wedding car

Throwing The Bouquet

Everybody looks forward to this traditional part of the ceremony; it’s said that whichever lucky lady that catches the brides bouquet when tossed into the air is the next to get married. This is an excellent opportunity to capture friends and family as well as the bride.

Try and get shots of the bride preparing to throw her bouquet and of the bride and whoever catches her bouquet.

Cutting The Cake

Couples spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on a big flashy wedding cake for their big day. So you are going to want to have keepsakes of this once the cake is all gone. Especially if your cake is personalised or specifically designed, it would be a shame not to capture any photos of you and the bride/groom cutting the cake for the first time. Still haven’t decided on your wedding cake? Check out this article for the best wedding cake ideas

bride and groom cutting cake

If You Love Fashion Incorporate It!

If you are somebody that’s a fashion fanatic then why not incorporate it into your wedding day? Accentuate your wedding dress in your wedding photos by using coloured backdrops that enhance your features and dress.

If you want to incorporate fashion into your wedding snaps, then why not ask your photographer to take photos of you leaving to get into your transport and getting a few quick shots of your friends and family carrying your trail or tightening your bow tie.

Make a memory of your wedding dress or suit; you only get to wear your wedding dress or suit for one day in your whole life, so you want to remember what it was like to wear it! Ask your photographer to take photos of your dress or suit hanging up so that you have a detailed image so that you can remember what it was like to wear your wedding clothes on your big day. Make sure you choose the wedding dress/suit right for you, if you cant decide then take inspiration from this wedding dress and suit lookbook

Remember Family Photos!

It’s important to get your family involved in the photos you get on your big day, after all, they’ve made the time and effort to celebrate with you!

You want to look back through your wedding photos, and remember the memories you made with your family and friends, as well as your significant other. Be sure to get a huge family picture and get everybody in! You want at least one photo to remind you of everybody that you spent your special day with. As well as this family photos framed or in an album make a perfect birthday or Christmas present!

family wedding popping champagne

Plan Your Wedding Photos Today!

Be sure to prepare your wedding photo ideas before your big day; you want to be sure you are organised otherwise your pictures might end up rushed and won’t look as good as they could.

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