Your wedding day is one of the most significant days in your life; they’re extremely meaningful so you might need a few wedding tips along the way to give you some guidance.

Why Use Wedding Tips?

Going into a wedding blind and not knowing what to expect can be a daunting aspect, the best way to prepare yourself for wedding planning is to run through the stages and do your research. There are plenty of things you can do to save money on your wedding day, but unfortunately, you will only know about these secret bargains if you do your research.

Some websites allow those planning a wedding to sell their wedding venues and wedding packages if for some reason or other they have to cancel or rearrange their special day – and most of the time these pages have had a high percentage of the cost paid for them! So by doing your research, you could end up saving up to thousands of pounds on your wedding day but still having the wedding of your dreams! Want more tips on how you can create your dream wedding for a fraction of the price? Then keep reading!

Do Not Overdo It With The Ring

As nice as it is to have a flashy expensive wedding ring is it really worth it? A ring symbolises your partnership with somebody. However, this does not mean that if your ring isn’t from the finest jewellers that your partner loves you any less.

It isn’t an uncommon occurrence for couples to blow a huge chunk of their wedding budget on the engagement ring or the wedding rings. This is simply because although you may not like to admit it, everybody loves to boast sometimes – you are only human! But if you want to save money on your wedding day, we recommend ditching costly designer wedding rings.

If you still want a nice ring but don’t want to pay full price for it then have a look online for clearance rings or second-hand rings. More often than not you can find a really good deal for designer rings if enough research is put in. If it’s designer you’re after then InstantLuxe has a number of great condition designer wedding rings up for grabs for a more affordable price.

And finally, if you’re struggling to find the perfect cost-effective wedding ring, talk to your family. A family heirloom or hand me down has much more significance and meaning behind it. So get digging in the jewellery boxes!

Cut The Costs Of Your Reception

As much as everyone might love a balloon drop show-stopping wedding, it’s not always feasible when you’re trying to cut the cost of your wedding. If it’s a traditional theme you want to go for, then you don’t need dramatic add-ons at your reception.

Book a DJ, food and another form of entertainment such as photobooth hire, everyone has come for you, and it’s unlikely they’re going to be fazed if you haven’t pulled all of the stops out to make your wedding dramatic and flashy. Wedding are time for family and friends to celebrate together so keep that in mind when planning your wedding reception.

Also keep in mind how many people you have coming to your wedding, if your having catering from the wedding venue be sure that they aren’t trying to give you more than you’re bargaining for. Wedding venues will always try and up the price of their catering, and you end up paying for more food than there are guests. So calculate the number of guests coming to your wedding reception and work out on average the amount of food you’re going to need. Alternatively hiring external wedding catering Northampton could work out cheaper and be a bigger hit with your guests than a finger buffet as there’s so much to choose from.

drinks clinking at wedding guests

Don’t Mention “Wedding” To Any Of Your Vendors

As soon as you mention to any vendors such as florists or entertainment companies they attack you with hundreds of questions like a swarm of bees. Vendors know that you are going to be purchasing in bulk, so it gives them the opportunity to up the prices without you realising.

And it’s not always easy for you to spot when you’re being ripped off for those sort of items, so be very wary. Alternatively in the case of being on your way to your honeymoon mentioning you’re on your honeymoon or just married can result in you receiving freebies. Some honeymoon destinations offer free massages or champagne to those who are just married, so use your words wisely. Wedding car hire Leighton Buzzard often provide in car freebies when en-route to your wedding.

Don’t Over Invite People

Although you might want to surround yourself with as many people as possible on your wedding day, it can come at a costly price. A lot of venues have a guest limit due to health and safety, and they’re very strict with it.

So avoid inviting distant relatives you’ve met once or twice, although you may feel rude it might be a long travel for them anyways so it is possible they may not be that fazed. A larger guest list means you need a larger venue, which also means a larger cost; so try and limit yourself on numbers.

bride groom and wedding guests

Make The Most Of Your Talented Friends

Wedding receptions are everybody celebrating together, having fun and laughing. If one of your friends is a budding magician, why not give them their chance to shine? Entertainment doesn’t come cheap, and it’s better to pay your friend a discounted price to perform in front of people they know rather than pay a professional who is likely to be expensive and not as connected to your guests.

Or if your friend has experience in mixing songs and DJ’ing this could be their opportunity to show off their musical flare. Give them a list of songs you want to be played at your wedding and let them do the rest; music is a great way to bring your guests together. Check out this article for a list of the best wedding songs!

Plan Your Budget Friendly Wedding Today

So now you know how to save money on your wedding, start putting these points into play with your own wedding planning, remember things like wedding car hire Bedford otherwise you could be in trouble on your wedding day.

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