Prom season is one of the busiest, most chaotic times for plenty of business owners whose services are requested in large quantities by those wanting to look perfect for their prom day. All of these services are part of a strict prom checklist that must be followed.

Why Use A Prom Checklist?

As a teenager, the build-up to prom is huge, and it’s known as one of the biggest events of your entire school life. Prom king and queen, the perfect dress or suit and smooth, flawless makeup are the qualities of a teenager’s ideal prom – one way to make this possible is to start organising early and following a strict set of guidelines to ensure that you get everything done.

So if you’re struggling to find a prom checklist to help you organise everything for your prom, look no further. The team have devised a set of steps to help you coordinate everything perfectly for your ideal prom – so keep reading!

Set Your Budget

Prom can be an expensive event, from your prom tickets to transport and your outfit, it all adds up. Open an excel spreadsheet, begin to write in all of the expenses that you’re going to have to pay for for your prom. This commonly includes transport, hair appointments, makeup appointments, a photographer and any other prom requirements.

For things like hair appointments, you may already know which salon you’re going to visit and have an idea of the hairstyle you want. If this is the case, then make a rough estimate of what you think the cost will be to give you a better idea of your budget. After you’ve listed a rough estimate of the total cost, work out what you have leftover in case of any last-minute emergency costs and monitor your spending.

Budgeting allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and spending too much; this would happen more often than you think. After suit hire and dress purchasing it’s more than easy to overspend on unnecessary extra expenses – so keep your prom spreadsheet up to date and monitor your costs!

Schedule Your Hair Appointments

Whether you are a boy that desperately needs a haircut before the big day, or a girl that wants a fancy hairstyle for prom it’s essential that you book in as early as possible to guarantee a slot. Big brand hair salon’s such as Toni & Guy are often a popular choice for prom hair and haircuts, but due to the stressful time of year of everybody wanting their hair done, they will be taking booking extremely in advance. So you should make an appointment as soon as you know the date of your prom.

As well as this you should arrange to have a few tests trys to make sure you’re happy with the hairstyle, the last thing you want is a hair emergency just before your prom! If a friend or family member is doing your hair for prom, then you should also have a few practices runs to ensure they can create you the perfect prom hairstyle that you love.

girl getting prom hair done

Make Sure Your Suit/Dress Fits

Unfortunately, it’s easier to put on weight than it is to lose it! So a few weeks before your prom you should check that your suit or dress is still the correct size for you. By doing this you can make sure that you don’t have an emergency wardrobe malfunction on the day, clothing alterations for something as big as a prom dress or suit take time so by allowing a few weeks notice of any changes you can assure your prom outfit is perfect and ready for the big event.

If you’ve hired your prom outfit, then this isn’t as much as a concern for you, in the event of your prom attire not fitting you can visit the supplier and swap in your outfit for a larger or smaller size.

Book And Sort Transport

And of course you want to make a big entrance to prom, prom car hire Milton Keynes vehicles fill up extremely quickly, so you want to make sure you make an enquiry and book in as soon as possible. Decide on your perfect prom car from a fleet of luxurious and prestige supercars; you can even base your car choice upon the theme of your prom or even on your dress!

If your unsure about why you should hire a prom car, take a look at this article to fill you in on all the benefits of renting a prom car! When organising your prom transport, you need to take into account how many people you’re going to be travelling with; not all vehicles are suited to large groups, so it’s crucial to make your chauffeuring company aware of numbers beforehand.

luxury cars in a row

Plan Your Before Prom Photos

And everybody’s favourite part of prom, the prom photos. It’s highly likely that your parents and other family members are going to chase you around the house like paparazzi snapping candid and posed photos of you against your will – but it’s your prom day, so this is of course allowed.

Whether you want natural or professional photos may depend on the added cost of a photographer. If you have a high-quality camera, then you may not want to hire a photographer and instead take your own photos. If not then prom photographers are a good investment but just like everything else need notice in advance before they become fully booked during one of their busiest times of year!

Plan beforehand where you are going to take your prom photos so that you stay on schedule. Whether it be a scenic garden view, or modernised posed photo, these images are going to be in plenty of photo albums for your entire family to see for years to come – so make them count!

Plan Your Perfect Prom

So start planning your perfect prom today! Prom season isn’t far away now, so it’s crucial that if you haven’t already that you get these services booked in so that you have enough time to plan and prep. As for chauffeur services Northampton, if you haven’t already then, we recommend booking in ASAP to avoid disappointment!

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