Planning for your wedding can be hard, but for some people, they’ve dreamed about this moment since an extremely young age. But either way, whether you have considered this or not, do you really know the best destinations to make your wedding day perfect for you as well as your significant other?

Are Some Of The Best Destinations Affordable?

It completely depends on your preference, if you are somebody who likes to live the lavish lifestyle and indulge in many luxury fancy decorations and dresses then yes your destination might be slightly more pricey. But not to panic! We have included a variety of destinations for both weddings looking for somewhere on a budget, as well as those wanting to splash the cash.

And although you might wear the trousers in your relationship and be chief wedding planner, it’s important to take time to be thoughtful and take your partners preferences and passions into account as well as your own. After all, it is the two of you getting married, so it’s only fair that your destination, decorations and guest list suit you both. So is your partner an adrenaline junkie who loves thrills and high rate adventures, if so consider places that offer things such as bungee jumping, skydiving or even cliff diving to ensure that there’s plenty for you to do after the ceremony during either your honeymoon period or your extended stay.

Or is your partner a relaxed, calm spirit who is happy to curl up and read a book during the evenings, if this is the case then focus on the soothing indulgence perks about your wedding destination. Delicious restaurants, libraries, famous landmarks and tourist attractions, bike rides and hiking are all possibilities in a tranquil wedding destination. So consider your partner and decide on what you think would be a suitable destination for you both, but to give you some inspiration we’ve devised a list of some of the top wedding destinations to make your big day as unique as possible! So for more, keep reading!


Hawaii is the perfect setting for a bride and groom seeking a destination full of romance and tranquillity. Take a break from social media and the toughness of every day life and relax in serenity in the quiet, tranquil islands of Hawaii. Snorkelling and hiking are excellent in the crystal clear blue waters as well as the lush flourishing green forest for you to explore, this is the perfect destination for a relaxed traditional wedding.

If it’s simple but luxury you’re after then this is the perfect destination for you, you and your partner can spend your remaining days after your wedding receiving Hawaiin treatments, or why not have a go at the traditional Hawaiin hula dance with the locals, they will be happy to teach you!

couple on the beach in Hawaii


If you want to be flamboyant and the centre of attention then this is most certainly the wedding destination for you! Thriving with thousands of unique species of wildlife Africa is open for many different wedding themes, a bright, vibrant traditional African wedding, or a luxury high-speed wedding complete with all of the dramatic backdrops and decor.

With amazing climates and backdrops, Africa makes the perfect location for a unique wedding. Walk down the aisle in the prime habitat of one of the most stunning, yet fierce animals to walk this planet, or have your wedding photos taken on the back of an elephant! Whatever your crazy request it’s sure to be fulfilled in the beautiful setting of Africa.

United Kingdom

And where else than the UK, although it isn’t the sunniest place on earth, it is still home to some absolutely gorgeous venues and settings. The United Kingdom is home to plenty of tranquil gardens and lakesides which can be ideal for a traditional peaceful wedding, and although we don’t quite have white sandy beaches like Australia, we still have stunning beaches that look beautiful in photos for a variety of fantastic wedding photos.

Make sure to book luxury wedding car hire Buckingham to make your wedding photos perfect and to ensure that your wedding day runs smoothly. Spend the rest of your time in the UK hiking, and exploring the traditional beachfront shops and establishments that we have to offer.

UK manor house wedding


Australia is one of the most tourist attracting locations on this planet, making it a hot spot for travellers and couples looking to host their wedding in a sunny, exciting location. Visit Bondi beach and try a spot of surfing in Australia’s vast refreshing ocean to clear your head before the big day. Get hitched with a romantic, gorgeous setting of the Pacific and Indian ocean as your backdrop.

And the reason that Australia is such a big hit with travellers and wedding planners is because of the adventure and different variety of activities it has to offer. Take a trip in a helicopter and see the real beauty of Australia from above, or visit the famous coral reefs during deep sea diving, or even go bungee jumping or skydiving for the ultimate thrill. Or on those days that you just want to relax then why not visit some of their most popular landmarks like the Sydney Opera House.


Warm most of the year round, Spain is an ideal wedding destination for those who want a sunny and budget-friendly wedding destination. Famous for its gorgeous variety of delicious food Spain is great for those with a big appetite for red wine and fresh hand prepared meals, paella, Spanish omelette and tapas dishes are all a common dish within the vast amounts of rustic Spanish restaurants.

If you and your partner cannot get rid of the inner child inside you both, then Spain is riddled with water parks, zoos, crazy golf and plenty more fun activities for you and your partner to do together.

couple in Spain having a wedding

So Get Organised And Get Hitched!

And it all comes down to the organisation of planning, so if you want to get married abroad then make sure you are prepared and organise it well in advance! Also, take into account that your family and friends are going to want to make the occasion, so wherever you go should also be within their budget. Getting married soon? Make sure you have your chauffeur services Bedford booked in advance! We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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