Your wedding day is something that takes months or even years to plan, you may have dreamed about your wedding day from a young age, and now the date is finally set. So it’s understandable that you want to wow your guests with unique wedding invitations right?

Are These Unique Wedding Invitations Expensive?

Well, some of the invitation ideas are not overly expensive, but they may be slightly over the budget you thought of spending on wedding invitations so take that thought into account. However, some of these ideas are relatively cheap and can even be done from your home!

So now we’ve rounded up some of the most unique cost-effective and fun wedding invitation designs we could find to impress your guests. If you want to see, some of them then keep reading!

#1 The Message In A Bottle

This one is the perfect wedding invitation for those who have chosen to host their wedding abroad; the classic message washed up in a bottle idea is a fantastic way to hint to your guests the theme of your wedding.

The message in a bottle ideology came from when scientists used to set off messages in a bottle in the sea to study the current patterns. Since then they have been used for confessional purposes or in the hope that the sender will be able to connect with someone new.

So take the perfect opportunity to advertise your tropical themed wedding by sending all of your guests their invitation in a glass bottle. However, you will have to send it in a package as the postman, or your courier may become very confused.

message in bottle floating in sea

#2 Candle Invitation

The candle invitation is a relatively affordable yet fun option when creating memorable wedding invitations for your guests. Have the contents of your wedding invitation printed or engraved onto the side of a candle.

Not only does this work as a keepsake but it makes it easier for people to keep hold of your wedding invitation – as well as providing them with a knew scented item of home decor.

#3 View-Master Wedding Invitations

Remember those toys you used to play with as a child? Or those slideshows in goggles you used to make as a kid? In other words a view-master! You could buy them from places you went on holiday, and with a click of a button, you could flick through an entire mini slideshow of the countries greatest landmarks right in front of your eyes through goggles!

This method is slightly more expensive but is very effective with guests and provides them with a keepsake of your wedding, have a personalised view-master made with photos of you and the bride or groom and edit your text inviting them to the wedding on the different slides.

Or if you are a fan of riddles and puzzles and enjoy keeping people left in the dark then why not use this as hints to where your wedding will be? Use the location; wedding rings a date and whatever else you can think of to use as hints to your guests – make it fun!

However, if you have a lot of guests attending your wedding, then you may have to have a larger budget for these unique wedding invitations.

group of viewfinders

#4 Thumbprint Invites

A heartfelt homemade unique wedding invitations that will touch the hearts of your wedding guests, not only are these wedding invitations unique, but they can also be done from the comfort of your own home for next to nothing!

If you’re having a traditional themed wedding then this could be the invite for you, set the scene with traditional invites, traditional wedding car hire Milton Keynes and subtle white silver and gold decor.

Make these decorations simply using a piece of card, put your forefinger in ink and paste your thumbprint on the page, then have your partner do the same connected to the bottom of yours so that it mimics the shape of a heart.

#5 Plane Ticket Themed Invitations

Another affordable wedding invite option, create your wedding invitation in the style of a plane boarding pass, perfect for abroad weddings.

Lay it out in the design of a boarding pass and edit the destination to your wedding location and then include details of your reception as a flight break in another country, your guests will love it!

You can view templates of these online and edit your details in to have them ordered, or you can make these from home yourself which is what makes them suitable for weddings with a budget or large scale weddings.

plane boarding pass

#6 Balloon Wedding Invitations

These are not actually that expensive, of course, if you have hundreds of guests attending your wedding then it could get slightly pricey, but if you have a medium sized wedding party, then this could work out well.

Just like the candle theme you should have your wedding details printed onto balloons and delivered to your guests home, where they can then blow them up and discover your wedding invite written on the front!

Alternatively, you could send everyone attending your wedding a balloon box in which the balloon is already filled up and when your guest opens the box balloons will automatically float out, and they will see your invite.

#7 Scratch Card Wedding Invites

Another cool form of wedding invite, of course, this could be a little pricey, but it shouldn’t be over the budget if for a smaller sized wedding group.

Everyone loves a scratch card or lottery ticket once in a while; it’s the thrill of not knowing whats underneath and whether you’ve won. So imagine the excitement of all of your guests when they receive your scratch card wedding invite in the post!

You can even choose to have these personalised for a keepsake for your wedding guests, but the option is up to you. A lot of people who have used this option for a wedding invite have actually held competitions and the people that have a winning scratch card win a prize!

man scratching scratch card


We hope that this article was helpful and inspired you with some invite ideas to tell everyone about your big day! Having your wedding soon? Deluxe Cars offer high-quality chauffeur services for customers looking for daytime and evening car hire.

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