Corporate car hire can be a good alternative to save you from the dreaded journey to work in the morning – who doesn’t want to avoid traffic at all costs?

What Is Corporate Car Hire?

Corporate car hire is when a chauffeur transfers you from your home or destination to your workplace or any meetings you may have. Companies often use luxury vehicles to transport clients so that they have the most comfortable relaxing journey while en route to the long day ahead.

A lot of car hire companies that offer corporate car hire also offer chauffeur services, wedding car hire Milton Keynes and prom car hire. This is because they only supply luxury vehicles that would be used to travel in style or for special occasions.

So the question on everybody’s mind is why should you use corporate car hire? Of course, everybody wants to travel in a state of the art luxury vehicle – but it’s pointless if there are no benefits along with it. So if you want to know – then keep reading!


Do you have a dream car? A car that you wish you could own and travel in every day? Well, Deluxe Cars most likely has it for you! Offering 11 state of the art cars such as Rolls Royce, Bentley and Porsche you are bound to find the car of your dreams with us!

However, if your dream car is not stocked by us then not to worry! We are certain you will be able to fall in love with another one of our comfortable vehicles. When using corporate car hire Milton Keynes you like to have a variety of different cars to choose from, if you become tired of travelling to work in a Porsche every morning then why not change your mind and opt for a different vehicle on your next travel?

This is one of the magnificent benefits of corporate car hire, if you get bored of travelling in the same vehicle every day then changing your vehicle is simple. And it saves you buying a new car!

Automatic Breakdown Cover

When using chauffeuring services, you are automatically covered by any breakdown issues that may occur. When using corporate car hire it’s extremely likely that you will be travelling to or from work, and here at Deluxe Cars, we understand how important it is for you to stay on the roads and arrive at your destination on time!

Should an inconvenient breakdown happen then you will be completely covered by any chauffeur company.

woman checking car oil

No Maintenance Costs

A vehicle that you can use every day but don’t have to pay to keep – what could be better? Any damage or issues that arise with any vehicles you travel in are not your issues; these vehicles are under our care so that you will have no involvement in any damage or repair fees. Meaning you get to travel in the car of your dreams every day – with no strings attached!

No Worries About Transport To And From Work

Make your work day less stressful with corporate car hire, wake up in the morning and start your day without having to sit around in traffic – that’s our job. Our drivers are highly educated with the roads and destinations around your area, meaning that they know all short cuts and quicker routes so should you become engulfed in rows of traffic then your driver can take a shortcut or preferred route to help dodge the never ending rows of traffic.

No Parking

For years across England now there have been endless debates and disagreements over parking prices, it’s often questioned why people should have to pay to park their car during work hours or why the prices are so high.

With corporate car hire this won’t be a worry of yours, we offer a 24-hour corporate car hire scheme that allows our customers to contact us for collection at any point. Not only this but we also offer a meet and greet service where our drivers will meet you to collect you from your destination.

parking tickets

Saves The Hassle Of Public Transport

Public transport is an excellent service. However, when used every day, it can become tiresome and can sometimes not be the most pleasant place to be. The cost of public transport isn’t cheap either, you can buy things such as railcards and bus cards to reduce the price, but it’s still expensive.

Using corporate car hire, in the long run, would work out cheaper than paying for public transport every day – so not only do you save money but you get the most out of your money and are able to travel in a comfortable luxury vehicle which you don’t even have to drive.

Combined with parking fees, petrol, tax or the cost of public transport our chauffeur services Aylesbury are more affordable.


And finally, comfort is our number one priority to all of our clients. With a stressful day ahead of you it’s important that you relax as much as possible in the morning. Our luxury vehicles feature gorgeous interiors with outstanding leather seats; our drivers have been DBS checked to ensure that you know exactly who is driving you and that they are suitable for the job. Our chauffeurs pride themselves on the positive feedback they receive from our clients regarding their customer service skills, the last thing they want to do is travel in silence the entire time so don’t be shy to spark up a conversation!

comfortable luxury car interior


So that’s it, the many benefits of hiring a corporate car for your day to day life. You may not be in the position right now to go out and buy your dream car, so why not travel in it daily for a more affordable price?

All of our vehicles are available for hire 24/7. However, we recommend that you book in advance for the guarantee you can book the car of your dreams.

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