Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life. Therefore you want to make sure that everything is perfect and just how you want it. You may also be looking for unique wedding ideas to make your stand out from the rest, which is why we have devised this list of unique ideas to inspire you for your wedding.

Why Use Unique Wedding Ideas?

If everybody’s wedding were the same people would begin to get bored, so it’s good to mix it up and keep guests surprised. By making your wedding unique you have the ability to entertain your guests and give them a good time, you are also able to arrange more heartfelt, meaningful activities.

So we have created a list of both meaningful activities alongside funny entertainment ideas to make your wedding one never to forget – so keep reading!

Creative Wall Lighting

If you have taken a lot of time in organising your wedding, then it’s likely you have a theme of marriage. Why not using to portray a feeling or to match your theme?

For example, if your wedding is based on the idea of a winter wedding then why not use projectors and professional lighting to shine images of snowflakes onto the walls of where your reception is being held.

This is a cool original way to carry on the theme of your wedding back to the reception – for tropical themed weddings you could use palm trees or the sun; there are so many decorative options!


Who said pinatas are only for children? Everybody likes a sweet treat every once in a while. Bring your childhood back to life at your wedding with a pinata for you and your partner or even the entire wedding!

Not only are pinatas fun but they’re a unique thing to have at your wedding ceremony or reception that is sure to get your attendees involved!

This also works as a form of entertainment for young children at your wedding, if you’re struggling to find someone to watch the kids or can’t find a venue with children friendly facilities then here is your answer! A pinata can have young children going for hours, and the fact that sweet treats are the prize makes it even more appealing.

mexican pinata

Carnival Rides

If you live on a farm or are having your wedding on a spot of land, then this could be the perfect unique wedding idea for you! Did you use to love fairground rides and the sweet treats available at the local carnival when you were younger?

If the answer to that was yes then why not create your own mini sized wedding Carnival? Now you do not have to spend copious amounts out money on fairground rides, and food stalls – however, you might have had one favourite ride at the carnival that you would love to relive at your wedding.

Lets, for example, say a Ferris wheel can bring entertainment for hours for both adults and children – not to mention the amazing pictures you can get!

A lot of people who hire carnival rides for their weddings often take images on the rides, eating food and have their wedding car hire Leighton Buzzard parked next to the ride and have photos with the both of them.

Guest Transportation

Not only will your guests really appreciate you taking the time to organise them transport from the wedding to your reception but they will also be grateful if you order them a cool form of transportation!

If you want to be really extravagant with your wedding transport then why not consider hiring a hot air balloon for your guests to take them from your wedding to your reception! Bailey Balloons offer wedding balloon hire services and have been used in a variety of different weddings.

Hot air balloons

Consider Your Own Transport

It is quite common for a bride and groom to hire chauffeur services Milton Keynes to whisk them to and from the wedding in a state of the art car.

But which car would you like? You should always consider the theme of your wedding before deciding on which car you would like to hire. For a land wedding that is often woodland themed or has been held in a converted barn a lot of our previous customers have opted for a Range Rover or Bentley.

Our clients who had a church wedding or a more traditional theme have usually chosen a car such as a Mercedes or a Bentley. There are also options for super cars such as a Porsche or an Aston Martin for high-speed weddings.

To make your wedding transport unique, you should consider decorating it, once again you should remember to try and incorporate elements of your wedding’s theme.

For example with a traditional wedding, you could consider tieing tin cans attached to string on the back of your car as a traditional “just married” car decoration. You could be more original and buy things like window stickers to stick on the rear mirror or window that have just married quotes or an image of you and your partner.

Confetti Drop At Your First Dance

If you are one to be the centre of attention, then this one’s definitely for you. The first dance is one of the most important parts of the entire wedding day – all eyes are on you, and it’s a moment you will remember forever, so you want to make it as dramatic and extravagant as possible.

Why not consider (if your song is an upbeat fast paced one) a confetti drop finale as you and your partner bring the first dance to an end. And if your first dance is to a slow romantic song then you could use fresh flower petals – you can discuss this with your florist.

couple confetti drop at first dance


So there you have some of the most unique ways you can make your wedding as extravagant and original as possible, not all of these points are for your wedding to be flamboyant but also to be different from your typical wedding.

We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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