Your wedding day is the biggest day of your life, and you’re certain to cherish and remember it forever which means everything has to be perfect – including your bridal car.

Why Hire A Bridal Car?

Not only do you want to be in a comfortable luxury vehicle on your big day you also want to stun your guests, and what a better way than to arrive at your wedding day in the car of your dreams? Show your true personality and style by choosing a wedding car that doesn’t necessarily represent only you but also your groom.

Hiring a wedding car just takes another worry off of your mind when organising your wedding, there is already so much to do so why add more stress to yourself? All of our chauffeurs are DBS checked and have years of experience in their field of work; they know better than anyone the quickest routes and shortcuts to your event to ensure that no congestion or other issues can delay you arriving on your big day.

And for peace of mind, all mismanagement issues and any problems that may arise are the responsibility of the company supplying your wedding car hire Milton Keynes. No matter how unlikely it may be everyone worries about ridiculous problems coming up on their wedding day and in the rare case anything should happen then you are completely covered by the wedding car hire company.

So there are many benefits of hiring a wedding car but what do you need to consider before going ahead and booking the car of your dreams? Surprisingly there are a few factors you must take notice of before booking your wedding car – and luckily we’ve listed them down below for you!

#1 Think About The Party You Will Be Travelling With

This part is unique, every bride or groom arrives at their wedding with a different set of people, or they wish to have several particular members of the wedding party arrive with them at their venue.

So before making the decision of what vehicle you would like to whisk you away, you must consider other people that are part of your party, if you wanted your mum and bridesmaids to join you en route, then you would have to consider a vehicle with larger scale seating.

You should take any page boys, flower girls and bridesmaids into account when choosing your wedding car; this isn’t to say that you and someone else travel in the car you like and the rest of your attendees hire another vehicle and travel behind you.

A lot of brides also travel with their father on their wedding which is seen as traditional, if this is the case then why not travel in a car that reminds you of your dad and make the journey more meaningful to the both of you.

Finally, you should work out the distance of your wedding venue; this is so that you can plan beforehand what time you and your driver should schedule a pickup time, will you have to make multiple trips? Or are you hiring multiple cars? If your destination is a lengthy drive, then you should map out your journey ahead of time and discuss any shortcuts and your travel route with your driver.

bridesmaids funny photo in car

#2 Choosing Your Wedding Car

The first thing to think about when choosing anything for your wedding is the colour scheme and theme, if you are having a traditional themed wedding, it’s highly unlikely you are going to opt for a bright pink hummer. Here we have listed some cars that could be ideal for you and your wedding based upon your different styles and taste:


Porsche Panamera

A perfect contemporary styled car with beautiful leather interior and high speeds guaranteed to give you the ultimate ride in luxury.


Rolls Royce Ghost

The ultimate traditional wedding car, wow your guests in the gorgeously designed Rolls Royce Ghost with stunning traditional features.


Bus Or Fire Engine

A bus or fire engine, if you are a quirky person who loves to be unique, then these vehicles are perfect for your wedding day and your guests are sure to remember it forever

So if you’re struggling for inspiration for what wedding car to choose based on your wedding theme, then there are a few suggestions.

#3 Time To Book Your Car

The most important part! Booking your wedding car is always an exciting experience as you have the choice to make of what you want.

When booking your wedding car, you should make sure you book with plenty of time left before your wedding to avoid disappointment, the on peak wedding times are typically Saturdays and the summer period due to the beautiful weather.

We suggest booking around 8 months prior to your wedding to avoid any disappointment and to also ensure that the car you want for the day is yours.

You should always make sure you view your car of choice before agreeing to anything because there are no regulations or laws around wedding car hire, people are open to offering out any car for hire.

Make sure that the car is garaged and from a reliable company – find this out by checking reviews or word of mouth. Check for any damage to the interior or exterior of the car, the last thing you want is to have to pay for car body repairs because you did not check the vehicle.

decorated wedding car

One final thing you need to check before hiring your car is your wedding dress, your wedding gown is one of the biggest aspects of your wedding, and you need to ensure that it is able to fit in the car or you are going to have a really uncomfortable journey.

All of our state of the art vehicles are spacious and comfortable, perfect for your chosen transport method. However make sure you can envision you in your dress fitting into the vehicle without damaging or ruining your dress, and also so you are not cramped in a confined space uncomfortably.

Finally, make sure that you have stated that you wish to have the car hired for the whole day to pick you up from your wedding as a lot of wedding car hire companies and chauffeur services Milton Keynes hire out their cars multiple times a day to create as much revenue as possible.

Make sure that this is not the case with the company you are with as you are not guaranteed security, and they could have to leave at a certain time of day to arrive at another wedding.


So hiring a wedding car can be typically straightforward if you know what you are looking for and understand the colour scheme and theme of your wedding. Already of having purchased your wedding dress is helpful but is not a necessity and you are still able to go through this process without having done that.

If you have any other events coming up did you know we also offer prom car hire in Milton Keynes for events such as prom or any other events you made need chauffeuring to.

We hope this article was helpful and that we have given you some guidance on planning your wedding car hire for your special day, if you liked this article then why not share with your friends, family or someone you know planning a wedding.

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