Your prom is a huge event in your life, your entire school life leads up to it and finally, the time has come. Prom season is upon us, and everyone is in a hurry sorting out prom dresses, suits, hair and finally, travel plans. Prom car hire is common for people who want to arrive at prom in style or travel with their friends; it also takes the hassle away from parents or somebody else making or arranging alternative travel plans. The car you arrive at prom in is crucial, and you want to make it an evening to remember! You can rent a car for prom any time leading up to the event – this includes events such as summer balls and birthday events.

How Can I Rent A Car For Prom?

Make sure you keep track of your budget; you do not want to be paying any extortionate fees for a few hours of car hire. Begin with finding the car you want to hire, if you already have a car in mind that you love and wish to travel in then do your research, a lot of expensive cars have higher hire rates than others.

You can rent a prom car with our chauffeur services in Milton Keynes for a low price with no hidden fees; you can make an enquiry by filing in one of our contact forms.

However, not all chauffeur companies charge a higher rate dependant on the car, choose from a variety of cars and pick your final pick based on research and your personal preferences.

Using our website you can fill in one of our contact forms for a free quote for your travel, if not you are also able to book prom cars online.

So why should you rent a car for prom? What are the benefits and features you will receive as a passenger? Keep reading to find out!

Reliable And Punctual Private Service

When investing in any car hire service, you are guaranteed punctuality and reliability as part of their services. In the rare event that you are made late to your event then you are entitled to a certain amount of compensation – the aim of this service is to get you to your event on time and in style.

With companies who offer chauffeur services such as airport transfers Milton Keynes, they have a system that allows them to track their passenger’s flight and the course it takes. This is so that their chauffeurs are thoroughly aware of any flight delays or problems that may occur as their passengers will not be able to get hold of them – so they still turn up on time!

The drivers transporting you to your event have over 30 years experience and are well-educated in their field of work. They know the best routes to take and the fastest way to travel making sure that you are on time and schedule.

Feel Safe When You Travel

You are perfectly safe when travelling with any of our highly experienced chauffeurs, they have all been through a thorough background check, and they have been through CRB checks to ensure that they are fit for the job.

Do not feel shy; our driver deal with a large number of customers every day all with different personalities, customer service is also a crucial feature to have when providing a service as it’s important that passengers feel comfortable and in safe hands when travelling. Do not feel wary of fraudster chauffeurs prolonging your journey for extra funds; your journey is planned out before and paid up front before you travel – meaning no hidden costs.

chauffeur following sat nav

Bonus Features

Have a photo taken next to your dream car; this will be one of your memories for the rest of your life! Our drivers can arrive early to allow you and any of your friends to have plenty of pictures taken before the big event; there is also the opportunity to have your photo taken when you arrive at your prom with the rest of your friends.

Enjoy a complimentary beverage when on route to your destination, accompanied by any music you wish to listen to. Simply plug in your phone or iPod, or even bring CD’s to play for the journey.

Travel Not Only In Style But Also In Comfort

It’s fantastic to travel in style, but it’s not as great if you aren’t comfortable. Our large variety of vehicles means that there are so many options to choose from and you are guaranteed to find a car that you like. Enjoy your chauffeur service in Milton Keynes to its full potential by relaxing on plush leather seats, complete with extra legroom for ultimate comfort.

Or hum along to your favourite tune with our vehicles state of the art surround sound music system, to get you in the mood to dance the night away.

luxury car interior

Travel With Friends

A lot of our previous customers have opted to travel in a group as it works out cheaper and more enjoyable to turn up to your prom already with you friends.

Travelling with friends makes everything more enjoyable, sing along and relax with your friends while you arrive in style with your best friends to all enjoy your special evening together.


So there are many benefits of renting a prom car for your school’s prom, it saves time due to the fact no other travel arrangements will have to be made, and it prevents putting hassle on your parents organising alternative travel for yourself and your friends.

If you’re looking for reliable prom car hire in Luton then Deluxe Cars have a broad range of vehicles that are available to hire, take a look at our cars and if you would like to receive a free quote then just fill in one of our contact forms on contact us!

We hope this article was helpful – if it was then why not share to your friends and family? Make your prom night one to remember!

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