A beautiful car is often a symbol that you earn a lot of money; they’re consistently used in things such as action films and used for stunts as high end cars are a topic of interest for a wide variety of people. People love to have a nice car, and some of the best high end cars include remarkable interior with the finest of materials and all of the latest gadgets to keep you safe and comfortable while driving.

When Purchasing High End Cars

When purchasing a high-end car, you should be very wary how you go about it; it’s not just a few pounds, you are going to be letting go of a huge amount of money, so you want to make sure that every single penny counts.

Arrange a test drive to ensure you know what you’re getting into, make sure you’re comfortable driving the vehicle and that you find it reasonably easy to drive, obviously you won’t have the hang of it straight away but make sure you understand all the controls.

Unless you’ve wanted this particular car for a while then have a look at a few other brands and designs, you may find one that you like more or discover a car that has more features that suit your needs.

If you’re looking for your perfect supercar or simply interested in cars – then keep reading!

Porsche Panamera

Porsche Silver Panamera

The Porshe Panamera is a gorgeous car available in standard jet black and luminous white. However, it is also available in a variety of metallic hues such as green, blue, red, silver and many more.

It is also possible to edit the cars interior as well as the exterior, choose from your preference of colour from a wide variety of alloy wheels and alter the material and shade of your interior seat leather.

The Porsche Panamera can reach its top speed of 164mph within 10 seconds and features the latest most innovative technology to ensure driver comfortability and safety.

LED lights are fitted in the headlights of the vehicle to prolong use, and for longer wear, not only this but the car has a night view feature which allows the driver to see things beyond standard headlights. A pedestrian or animal is highlighted in yellow to make the driver aware of the obstruction, and the marker light will flash its headlights to warn the pedestrian or scare off any animals in the path of the vehicle.

The rear seats are positioned either side of a cool colour touchscreen to control the temperature within the vehicle – a bit like a thermostat.

This car is not only beautiful inside and out, but it is also practical and has a large sized boot with folding back chairs, so you are able to fit your weekly shopping or anything else you may need with ease.

Alfa Romeo Giulia

 Blue Alfa Romeo Guilia

This state of the art vehicle was created by Alfa Romeo sports car enthusiasts, which means it’s designed to be a high-speed car suited for people who intend on driving at high speeds (hopefully not).

This car’s nickname means the “meaningful beauty” and all of its wings, doors, suspension, brakes and its engine are made from aluminium, giving the car more power than weight.

The cars features include auto emergency braking, pedestrian detection function, forward collision warning, lane departure warning and cruise control.

An extra you can add onto this vehicle includes blind spot monitoring; blind spot monitoring is the car processing your blind spots for you to ensure maximum safety. These alerts can be through visual, audio or vibrations.

2017 BMW 750

BMW 750 Matte Purple

The BMW 750 is the ultimate vehicle for safety and is one of the most up to date cars that use the best innovative technology to date.

Featuring a twin turbo engine the vehicle has automatic transmission with overdrive, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes, side seated mounted airbags, driver and passenger knee airbags, auto air condition, cruise control, and abs and traction control.

Traction control is when the car can feel that the car tyres are beginning to slip or lost traction of the road, the traction control controls modulating and breaking and acceleration in order to prevent your car’s wheels from locking. This then gives the driver stability, and they’re able to control their vehicle better.

2011 Jaguar XF Saloon

Jaguar XF Saloon Grey

Just like the Alfa Romeo, the Jaguar XF Saloon is designed to be a lightweight vehicle that can gather speed in a short amount of time; its architecture is based on aluminium to improve fuel efficiency, this is called the “Ingenium Range”.

This improves the companies carbon footprint and makes the Jaguar XF Saloon one of the lightest cars within its class.

You are able to choose from an automatic or manual gear change, with automatic the circular shape button must be twisted to choose your driving mode, the manual is your conventional gearstick you would usually change gear with.

It’s all surface control allows its driver to focus on driving and handling the wheel on dangerous slippery surfaces such as ice, or a driveway with built up snow.

Available in 12 different shades that vary from solid colours to metallic and premium metallic, you can edit your car paintwork with ease (for extra cost).

You are also able to modify the size, shape and colour of the car’s wheels, (for extra cost again) the Jaguar XF Saloon is great for potential buyers who prefer to edit their vehicle and make it more personal to themselves.

This beautiful car has state of the art features such as; rear parking aid, cruise control, 4 wheel anti-lock brakes; side-mounted airbags and automatic air conditioning.


Those were some of the best high-end cars of 2017, very expensive but highly equipped and with the ability to reach unreal speeds in such short times. A lot of people take high-end cars for test drives just because they’re interested in them – which is completely fine. At Deluxe Cars we offer luxury chauffeur services in Milton Keynes with a variety of high-end vehicles, not looking for this sort of transport? We also offer wedding car hire in Milton Keynes and provide some of our state of the art vehicles to transport you to and from your wedding.

We hope you found this article helpful; you can contact us for any enquiries regarding our services on our website!

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