Your big day is an event that you will remember for your entire life; it needs to be special and exactly the way you want it. Hiring a wedding car and decorating it can turn out to be costly but with our wedding car decoration ideas your wallet will be saved, and you will have the most stylish wedding car just like you’d envisioned. If you’re stuck on how you can decorate your wedding car, or are looking for ways to stick to your budget but transform one of premium vehicles into the car of your dreams – then keep reading!

Where Can I Hire A Wedding Car?

Deluxe Cars offer 11 gorgeous state of the art vehicles available for to transfer you to your wedding event. Decorate any one of our luxury cars as you please and create the dream car to match the theme of your wedding.

# 1 Streamers And Ribbon

Ribbons are typically the go-to decoration when it comes to wedding cars and is widely favoured amongst people. Ribbons are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, designs and colours which is what makes them such a good decoration. Streamers, however, do the same job, they can be paired with any car of any colour and are available in metallic shades that reflect the sun making the car sparkle, and when it rains the streamers do not even bleed they stay put making them the perfect decoration tool whether it be rain or shine. You can drape streamers all over the car, from their wing mirrors, the antenna, and you can even create a bow out of your ribbon or streamers for the front of the vehicle (try to make sure they match the colours of the wedding).

If you are aiming to embarrass or play a prank on the bride and groom, a lot of people opt for toilet paper as their choice of decoration. Although this is not very practical as its tremendously thin and can be ripped with ease, although this is the whole aim if you’re trying to prank the newlyweds.

# 2 Personalised Number Plates

You can easily announce your marriage to the world with personalised number plates; you can have them personalised with initials and the date of the wedding and can stick them on the front of your wedding car, or alternatively, you may just display it in the rear view windows of the car. They also sell novelty “Just Married” number plates in shops as a funny alternative.

They work as an excellent memory reminder for the couple as they can keep hold of this forever and they are widely accessible.

wedding car with personalised number plate

# 3 Glass Chalk Or Markers

These fun novelty markers allow you to draw your own designs and messages on your wedding car and allow guests to write their own messages on the car. If you use a company wedding car hire it’s most unlikely that they will allow you to draw on one of their vehicles but it is always worth the ask, these sort of wedding car design ideas are suitable for your own car or perhaps a family members car.

You may want to use white to be more noticeable, but if you use any substances like shoe polish you muse make sure to remove them after a short period of time as they could cause damage to your car. A few people have decorated their car with shaving foam as a funny jokey substitute however they explained it as quite messy but fun to do.

# 4 Fake Or Fresh Flowers

Using fresh or false flowers can make the design of your car beautiful, a lot of people in exotic foreign countries decorate their vehicles in heaps of gorgeous flowers to accentuate a sunny tropical theme. Flowers are one of the most traditional ways to decorate your car, and it has gone back for years, for a traditional themed wedding this is probably one of the best design ideas for you.

They can be teamed with streamers and make your wedding car really stand out to the crown, with wedding car hire in Milton Keynes you are able to coat your vehicle in flowers and be picked up and dropped off to your wedding on time and in style.

 wedding car with white flowers

# 5 Flags

Just like you see on TV when watching some form of governmental show, you can display a flag from the back of your car to announce your marriage to passers-by wherever you go. It is possible to order personalised flags online with the wedding date and the name of the couples displayed in bright colours, or in a traditional design depending on which one you choose. They’re a great decoration and coincide with any of the other designs mentioned on here.

# 6 Window Clings

If you didn’t want to decorate your car with any of our homemade ideas or draw on your car or with flowers, then there are always window clings. Window clings can be used for subtle wedding car decoration or can be incorporated into a big bold design. They are big stickers that you can stick up in the rear windows or side windows of your car – or all 3. They can display text such as “just married” but online there are also websites that supply personalised window clings with the couple’s name and marriage date, these also work as a great keepsake.

car with just married window cling

# 7 Pom Poms

Not a lot of people use this design, but it can look really nice when done properly, use the couple’s wedding colours and line the bonnet, windows and hood with pom poms for a really dramatic effect. You can even attempt to spell the couple’s name, some people say it looks tacky, but if done correctly it can compliment a wedding car and be a fun task.


So there you have it, a few ways to decorate your car if you’re stuck for ideas, not only that but some of the decoration ideas we’ve mentioned are budget friendly and are a good way to create keepsakes from a wedding. If you’re looking for chauffeur services at Deluxe Cars, we offer wedding car hire in Milton Keynes and cover a large variety of locations. We hope this article was helpful and you found some useful wedding car design ideas.

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